Trump’s hellish week and yesterday’s links

It was a hellish week for Donald Trump and his administration. Despite all the controversy, he’s still our President and nothing is likely to change that anytime soon. Social justice warriors, liberal snowflakes, and progressive rioters need to come to grips with this pretty soon.

Foreign Affairs

Egypt’s Islamic State affiliate claims deadly Sinai attack (AP)

Turkey detains 57 in operation against Istanbul stock exchange (Pulse)

Israeli UN ambassador urges Security Council to “act immediately” to end Palestinian Authority payments to terrorists (Barney Breen-Portnoy)

Mother and daughter accused of UK’s first all-female terror plot (HeatStreet)

Are Islamists conducting a new jihad against the West? (William DiPuccio)


Trump changes Twitter banner after Yates/Clapper hearing (Robert Kraychik)

…Trump attacks media and ‘hoax’ investigation in twitter tirade (SooperMexican)

In letter, Carter Page refuses to help Senate investigators (Ed Willing)

Trump snowflakes: It’s free speech for all or it’s free speech for none! (David Leach)

Younger judicial nominees give Trump a chance for legacy in courts (Fred Lucas)


“Progress”: Pompous Emma Watson accepts first-ever “genderless” acting award (Steven Crowder)

Actor gets candid when reporter asks for the key to a “healthy Hollywood marriage” (Billy Hallowell)

Insane: Chris Pratt forced to apologize to deaf people for saying people should “turn up the volume” and “listen” (Ben Shapiro)

Neil Degrasse Tyson returns to ruin your movie enjoyment (Brad Slager)

Debra Messing calls on Ivanka Trump to ‘stop’ father Donald Trump in impassioned LGBT speech (Sarah Taylor)

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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