Just repeal and yesterday’s links

We’ve been pretty consistent on our stance with health care. Repeal Obamacare, and that’s it. If there needs to be a small replacement that covers some transitional issues, so be it. What we don’t want is a continuation of government in health care.

Foreign Affairs

America would do better to arm Jordan than Saudi Arabia (Josh Kimbrell)

For bigger defense commitments, bring NATO finance ministers to the table (Daniel Kochis)

Turkey criticizes US for ‘aggressive and unprofessional actions’ against Erdogan bodyguards (Melissa Quinn)

Trump is overestimating Palestinians’ desire for peace (John Daniel Davidson)

Martial law declared in Philippines (Andrea Ruth)


Abortionist kicked out of multiple states opens new DC abortion clinic killing babies up to 24 weeks (Cheryl Sullenger)

Undercover video exposes deep contradiction at the heart of Planned Parenthood (Jay Hobbs)

“If you want to prove the existence of God…” Filmaker says you should look right here (Billy Hallowell)

Ethiopia suddenly suspends adoptions, hundreds of families left in limbo (Kira Davis)

An open letter to Maddi Runkles, a pregnant Christian teenager (Susan Michelle-Hanson)


Here’s proof that liberal “academic” gender studies is a fraud (Steve Berman)

Conservative UCLA professor’s fate to be decided by allegedly biased dean (Aaron Bandler)

Grads who walked out on Pence’s commencement speech got booed  (Jennifer Kabbany)

Harvard student graduates with honors after submitting a unique and ‘interesting’ final thesis (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Liberal educators: Math is biased, needs social justice (Peter Heck)



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