Trump going nuclear and yesterday’s links

The President has asked the Senate to change the rules to allow the AHCA and tax reform to fly through more easily. This “nuclear option” for legislative filibusters won’t happen and probably shouldn’t be necessary, but in Trump’s world, easier is better.


Report finds thousands of noncitizens on voter rolls in Virginia (Rachel del Guidice)

Democrats recruiting trash TV host Jerry Springer to run for governor (Politistick)

Did Barack Obama try to hack the election? (Glenn Harlan Reynolds)

Hillary says voter suppression cost her the election (John Fund)

Democrats: Stay out of our bedrooms… now let US in, and drop your shorts (Brad Slager)

A mystery for the generations

A mystery for the generations


Smashing the DC monopoly with Article V (Glenn Beck)

Louisiana committee approves bill to expand Right to Try act, further reject some FDA regulations (Mike Maharrey)

Michigan State House passes bill allowing Choose Life license plates (Micaiah Bilger)

JD Rucker on Caffeinated Thoughts Radio (CaffeinatedThoughts)

Card game teaches about federal waste and abuse (Preston Chaffee)


Immigrant students continue push for financial aid bill (AP)

In surprise move, DeVos resists pressure to nationalize school choice (Joy Pullmann)

College students freak out after accidentally rejecting socialism (Amelia Hamilton)

Students urge that class president “be stripped of free speech protections” over “offensive” video (Jillian Kay Melchior)

The National Association of Scholars’ “beach book report” (Jack Kerwick)


USAA will reportedly pull ads from MSNBC after dumping Fox News’s Sean Hannity (Valerie Richardson)

Breaking News is broken (Judah Friedman)

Breitbart News website stats have absolutely imploded (SooperMexican)

Mainstream media spreads fake news about Trump in Italy — then Sean Spicer sets the record straight (Chris Enloe)

Eric Trump: MSM “losing a lot of credibility” (Robert Kraychik)

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