Before climate change and London took over the news, plus yesterday’s links

The last few days have been extremely busy for the news cycle. Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate accord and an attack in London left the world wondering what’s next for Ramadan. Before all of that hit, here are the links of stories before.

Excuse Du Jour

Excuse Du Jour


How the “Hamilton Effect” distorts the founders (Senator Mike Lee)

Is this the solution to polarized presidential politics? (Connor Mighell)

To curb political violence, make government less important (J.D. Tuccille)

Ben Sasse on what the GOP stands for: “I don’t know”

Yes, Scott Walker did back Wisconsin’s economy away from a cliff (Jake Curtis and Will Flanders)

Pentagon to Pyongyang About your ICBMs

Pentagon to Pyongyang: About your ICBMs…

…US successfully ‘intercepts and destroys’ target in missile test (Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne)

…Eyes on North Korea (Dan Lamothe)

…Americans will wig out if North Korea unleashes this disruption (Glenn Beck)


New York introduces Common Core alternative (Pam Helming)

Students demand UCLA allow conservative communications professor to keep teaching (John Sexton)

New York state approves tuition-free public college (Mike LaChance)

A recent grad looks back on his politicized education (George Leef)

Yale prof: Trump’s ‘mental impairment’ a ‘state of emergency’ (Anthony Gockowski)

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