Georgia CD6 Live Blog

I am in Fulton County getting results for the Georgia CD6 special election. Polls have just closed. Get your results from Decision Desk HQ. I will also be live on The Resurgent‘s video feed.

8:15pm. Handel has a slim lead and is leading in key precincts for election day voting. Still too close to call.

If I had to predict the winner based on yard signs and placard wavers, Ossoff would run away with it. But at least 40% of voters (at this precinct at least) voted early. Overall, 140,000 of 190,000-odd votes may be early voters. Unless over 20,000 Republican voters defected to Ossoff, Handel will start with a lead.

It’s possible that happened, given some polls showing 15% of GOP voters defecting. But polls don’t always align with results.

Now thew waiting begins.

Check back here for more results.

Steve Berman


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