Reader’s Take: Media should be biased

The news media has long been viewed — by conservatives at least — as biased. Both against conservatives, conservatism generally, and sometimes even against standards, original research and the scientific method.

But I digress.

Complaining about bias is ineffective. It is also wrong.

Not because there isn’t bias. But because bias is a GOOD thing!

We should have a biased news media. We should have an overtly biased news media. And the more biased, the better!

We should not restrict our journalists and commentators from the fullest range of their abilities. Why limit their talents? How is that conservative?

We should not go ultra nanny state on the press, not in the name of protecting the gullible. No! We need more responsibility, more accountability.

Not by the press. But by the audience!

If you choose to read and support fake news, you should pay the price for it. Particularly when you repeat something at a cocktail party that is evidently false. Stupidity has a price. And it is in the public interest that bias and stupidity be revealed, not concealed.

That is the way to have a vibrant news media.

* – readers can debate whether this column is serious, fully libertarian, or firmly tongue in cheek.

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