The guy who tweeted a ‘funny’ 9/11 meme has a White House press pass…time to dump him

It was controversial enough that Lucian B. Wintrich received White House press credentials. He works for Jim Hoft, a.k.a. The Gateway Pundit, purveyor of all kinds of fake news, conspiracies, and overall Trumpophilia.

I won’t even link to that site.

Now Wintrich crossed a line of good taste into real offense.

Wintrich took the tweet down, but stood by “it being funny.”

Objectively: it’s not funny. It’s not even close to funny. It’s not even in the universe of “too soon?” This is in the same category of idiots who call themselves “9/11 truthers,” who believe that some Bush/Zionist/Government conspiracy was behind the 9/11 attacks. It’s disgusting.

Lucian Wintrich is spawn of the same Millennial stew that wrought Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopoulos. They are self-promoting, hare-brained, fabulous divas. He has no business sitting in the White House press briefing room.

Sean Spicer has more class in his Navy regulation socks than Wintrich has in his whole portfolio of faux-cool. In fact, Spicer should walk up and slap Wintrich in the face when they next meet.

Wintrich is an embarrassment to the White House press corps and need to go.

Steve Berman


Editor of The New Americana. God, family, and country, in that order. With the exception of God, the other two cannot prosper without a firm belief in all three.

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