Who can be Trump’s lawyer when the client won’t listen?

President Trump has “reshuffled” his legal team, according to news reports, but that’s not what really happened. One of his personal legal team quit, and it’s unclear what happened to the other.

Mark Corallo was the spokesman for the legal team led by Marc Kasowitz. CBS News  reported that Kasowitz is also out. The team will now consist of Ty Cobb, Jay Seculow and John Dowd. Seculow is a frequent talk show guest who had strongly defended the president.

Corallo quit, POLITICO reported Thursday, according to an associate, because there was “too much fighting all the time.” That would validate ongoing reports that the Trump White House is a toxic dynamic of infighting, arguments, expletives and anger. And the orchestrator of this dark chaos, Trump himself, doesn’t seem to listen to his lawyers.

And Corallo was no neophyte in government, having worked for the George W. Bush administration’s Justice Department under John Ashcroft. He’s an experienced “crisis communications guru,” according to POLITICO.

Kasowitz led a legal team akin to smoke jumpers amidst a large and growing forest fire. It seems that every question asked by Trump leaked to the press, and every move made by his family members also under investigation caused the fire to grow.

For example, Trump asked about his presidential power to pardon his aides, his family, and even himself. In isolation, it’s a rather innocuous question for a novice politician. But in context, is damning–especially when the press reports it.

The leaks and the president’s own actions are undermining his legal team. Who can work for a client that does this to himself?

Steve Berman


Editor of The New Americana. God, family, and country, in that order. With the exception of God, the other two cannot prosper without a firm belief in all three.

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