Is Hope Hicks Trump’s mastermind leaker?

Erick Erickson has pointed out multiple times that you never see Hope Hicks mentioned in press reports about White House intrigue. Even in the latest story about Trump’s fast-spreading legal and Russia conflagration, you don’t see Hicks.

Side note: I continue to notice everyone’s name, from Priebus to Spicer to Bannon to Kushner, crops up in these stories except Hope Hicks.

Univision, no friend of Trump’s, published a spread on Hicks in June. They said she was one of the select few who got to meet Pope Francis with the president in May. (An aside, Sean Spicer, a Catholic, was not part of that group, although he was with the travel party.)

The influence of Hicks, whose title is director of strategic communications, is evident in photos that show her laughing alongside heavyweights in Trump’s sphere, or talking in the ear of her boss.

She has the ear of the boss because she knows how to flatter him. She has the ear of the press because she works them like a baker works dough.

“In a White House where everyone talks about who has power and who does not, she is one of the people with the most influence,” commented Philip Rucker, the Washington Post’s White House bureau chief.

Could it be that the one who “floats above” controversies is the mastermind who plants stories in the media, who steers the conversation where the president wants it to go, who keeps the equilibrium in the war between power structures at the White House?

Or is she just the shy and unassuming one everyone can trust and nobody can cross because of her longstanding relationship with the boss?

Steve Berman


Editor of The New Americana. God, family, and country, in that order. With the exception of God, the other two cannot prosper without a firm belief in all three.

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  1. Today it looks more and more like Hope is the leaker (jr. in the washpost story).

    P.S. Your family needs a belief in country for it to succeed? I am from Canada and have volunteered settling Syrian refugees… despite living in the most tumultuous country in the world (having to leave due to war, famine, terrorism, and dictatorship), they put many of us in North America to shame in the strength of their family, their belief in God and their quality of character. Some can literally say they have taken bullets for family member and run into shrapnel to save family and strangers alike.

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