We scooped DRUDGE, and we’re more than halfway there!

Yesterday our own Eric Dixon scooped DRUDGE by six hours in reporting the vandalized statue of Columbus in New York City. We were first to get the news out with original photos. This is the kind of nimble and accurate news we want to bring you.

Thank you to everyone who has given so generously! We are more than halfway to our immediate goal of $10,000. Your belief in our mission is encouraging!

If we could share and get another $4,800 in the GoFundMe account, that would cover what we need to fund system upgrades, transition to a better (really cool, but I can’t reveal it yet) platform, and keep the editorial flow going for the next few months.

This is so critical–the survival of this site and our effort depend on it.

Please give, and we will continue to beat DRUDGE to become the standard in accurate, and unbiased reporting–with conservative opinions and timely stories.

Steve Berman


Editor of The New Americana. God, family, and country, in that order. With the exception of God, the other two cannot prosper without a firm belief in all three.

  1. Please add more ways to give. Not everyone wants to sign up at go fund me site. PayPal donating button is really easy to add to websites, or even an Amazon donate button, which is faster for the giver.

  2. Yes, I agree. We need more ways to give. But to get there, we need to first raise our $10k goal on GoFundMe. Changing horses in midstream is not the best practice. Once we’re secure in our initial funding and technology, we’ll add “partners” options for one-time and recurring giving. But one step at a time—we’re going to get there.

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