JD Rucker

For over a decade, JD worked in advertising and marketing for the automotive industry, operating his own company since 2013. Since election season began in 2015, he’s spent increasingly more time in the world of politics. A lifelong Republican, he grew disenchanted with the cycle that GOP politicians put us through: promise conservatism and federalism, then deliver centrist and populist policies until the following election season. Rinse. Repeat.

He launched The New American in 2016 to act as a counterbalance to sites like Drudge and Breitbart that were heavily pro-Trump. Along the way, he was approached by multiple people about forming a new party, one that focused on the fundamental issues concerning America: big government and diminishing freedoms. For months, he analyzed other third parties to make certain it wouldn’t make more sense to simply help them grow rather than starting fresh. The analysis revealed that every other 3rd party failed in one regard: strategy. Many such as the Libertarian and Constitution Parties have ideas that align with promoting freedom, but they have no path to victory at any level.

In 2017, he partnered with a handful of people to form the Federalist Party in an effort to unite small-government-minded Americans. By taking advantage of modern marketing and public relations strategies to promote Constitutional truths of limited government, he’s confident that the party will be able to have an impact very quickly.

JD currently lives in Southern California with his wife and three children (with a fourth on the way). Follow him on Twitter or email him at jdrucker (at) reagan (dot) com for interviews, public speaking appearances, or just to say hi.

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