Steve Berman is the managing editor of The New Americana.

For over 25 years, Steve Berman has been an IT and business professional. In the mid 90s, Steve started a local Internet service provider which became a pioneer in wireless LAN delivery. After selling that company for a large profit, he spent 15 years with an enterprise software company in the insurance industry.

Steve helped incubate a payment services and mail processing service for insurance companies and ran that business for 10 years before both companies sold to a multinational public company in 2013. After another two-and-a-half years as a corporate executive, he left the business to begin other ventures.

Steve has been writing for political and news organizations since 2014. He has written for Bizpac Review and RedState, and been published by Fox News and The Stream. In 2016, he became a featured contributor for Erick Erickson’s new website The Resurgent, where he remains as a contributor.

Steve graduated the University of New Hampshire in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in business administration. He has a private pilot certificate (single engine, land & sea), and an amateur radio general operator (ham) license.

Over the years, Steve has helped with a number of political campaigns, and remains a politically active conservative. But most of all, Steve is a family man, a Christian, and a loving father.

He lives with his wife and two boys in central Georgia. Follow Steve on Twitter, or email him at

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