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Thanks to the internet and social media, there’s no shortage of news available to anyone who’s connected. This is a good thing and a bad thing. For sheer availability, news coverage today is faster, more diverse, and loaded with different opinions. However, when it comes to the fundamentals of journalism that helped to build the freedom that the United States and other countries enjoy, the majority of mainstream media publications have been judged and found wanting.

Generally, they are liberal. Unfortunately, many of the “conservative” sites are barely right of center.

The New Americana has a very particular goal of delivering the right perspective. We are conservatives, Christians, and faithful patriots who believe that the United States can thrive under the principles of fiscal responsibility, small government, and personal liberties. We are not affiliated with a particular party; labels assigned to Republicans, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians are too narrow. Conservatism is not a party. It’s a set of beliefs that force us to address problems systematically and vet politicians through a proper lens.

Even within the conservative movement, there is currently strife. Sites like Drudge, Fox News, and Breitbart take their love affair with Donald Trump too far. We believe that Trump is not a conservative outside of his immigration ideas. Does that mean we support Hillary Clinton? Absolutely not! Both are corrupt. Both are liberals. We will support those politicians, organizations, and patriotic citizens that fight for America the right way.

Briefly we believe in:

Small Government

We aren’t anarchists by any means, but the less that the federal government meddles in the affairs of individuals as well as local, city, county, and state governments, the better.

The Original Intentions of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and All Amendments

The Constitution was established by people who knew what it was like to fight for freedom. Today, Americans in general do not share the same worries. We’ve grown complacent and many have tried to modernize, reinterpret, or change the foundation of laws and governance. This is a mistake.


Any abortion stopped is a murder prevented. We are strict in our belief that all life regardless of circumstance is precious. Only when a life must be traded for another should a decision be made to consider abortion.


When more guns are made available to the good guys, the bad guys have a harder time committing their crimes.

No Liberals Supported

This election year, that means that we must find an alternative to the Trump and Clinton. Choosing between the lesser of two evils is choosing evil nonetheless. This is something that we’ll write about in-depth in the coming days.

Judeo-Christian Values

We believe in the true separation of church and state. We don’t support a theocracy, but more importantly we do not support the interference of government within the church. To defend our Christian values and our right to practice them, we must also defend the rights of all other religions that do not harm others.

Secure Borders and Safe Legal Immigration

This is not as simple as a wall and a ban. The problem is far too complex to fix with a sound bite and a Tweet. We support logical and fiscally responsible measures to remove anyone who has broken our laws by entering the country illegally or remaining in the country beyond their allotted time. We also believe in putting a complete halt on illegal entry through the most sensible methods available. As far as immigration, a “Muslim ban” is untenable. The better solution was proposed by Senators Cruz and Paul: halting immigration of those who have been in radicalized regions. Trump’s Muslim ban can be thwarted by checking the “Atheist” box on entry documents.

Necessary Intervention When American Interests are Involved

The Neocons have made it our business to have a presence everywhere. This is foolish. We need a presence where we need a presence. We need to fight when we need to fight. For example, the annihilation of the Islamic State makes sense. Involvement in world police affairs does not.

Sovereignty as a Nation Not Beholden to the U.N.

The United Nations is only useful for bringing leaders together. Decrees by the U.N. should be treated as suggestions and duly noted while we do whatever is in the best interests of our own country and our allies.


The only Jewish state in the world is surrounded by enemies, tormented by outsiders, and abused by nearly all nations of the world. The United States must not be one of those nations. We stand by Israel unconditionally.

There are so many other positions, but since we’re not a political party (yet), there’s no need to go beyond this overview.

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